Monday, July 7, 2008

thing 3

i have always been wary of RSS feeds. it reminds me (and now i really sound like a ya librarian) of the M.T. Anderson book Feed in which all these teenagers are having a steady stream of advertising pumped directly into their heads... between my personal and work emails, cell phone, car radio, television, etc. i feel like i receive a steady stream of electronic information as it is. so i have been hesitant to subscribe to any websites or blogs, opting instead to bring myself to the information if and when i need and want it. so, i went through the motions and signed up for three blogs that i'm always wishing i had a little more time to read. But, unless this RSS can feed me some extra time, i'm still skeptical.

Friday, June 20, 2008

thing 2

perhaps because i am new to the field, the idea of library 2.0 doesn't seem particularly revolutionary to me. it is the concept that i was educated under and it has been my mission in my first year as a media specialist to create a space for my users, who are middle schoolers, the natural critics of the universe :) in fact, it surprises me only that the new 2.0 system is such a radical change from the old. if the new system makes much sense, and it is opposite to the old system, then what does that tell us about where we're coming from?

The Machine is Us/ing Us defines best what drives it all -- information 2.0

Friday, June 13, 2008

thing 1

i just completed my blog -- right under the wire, as seems appropriate for my summer theme. it took me about an hour to set it all up, which seems about right as it is my third blog. it helped that i already have an avatar that i could just add. i'm thinking about dressing her for the season, as she has an outfit that a 7-year-old friend of mine picked at the moment... in the past, i've had some task completion issue with my blogs. the fact that it's summer vacation doesn't seem to bode well for this. i wish i knew what that prize was for the sake of motivation ;) in any case, here's to 2.0...